Archery as we know it has undergone a great deal of change and development with the introduction of new types of bows such as the compound bow which upholds efficiency, durability and above all, accuracy as its utmost qualities. Compound bows come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes as well. Find compound bows for sale here.

Bow selection is not to be taken lightly as an archer is only as good as his or her bow and on that note, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive look at the compound bows for sale here on Combat Australia as we’re always keen on providing our customers with top quality bows. click here to find out more about our complete range of bows and arrows.

The compound bow in itself gained a lot of ground when archery became a mainstream sport with a number of archers opting for the bow because of its ease of use as well as the added precision and accuracy derived from it. Compound bows are usually made of different kinds of components and arrows, which make’s them durable and utterly efficient. The bows operate with the use of a levering system inducted with a number of cams and pulleys which draws the string and eventually causes the limbs to bend before releasing the arrow with a burst of energy.

There are an array of factors associated with the functioning of a standard compound bow, the bow is highly technical hence it’s always a good idea to have a little knowledge if your just starting out.

These bows are powerfully and beautifully constructed pieces of art. One thing that’s important to note is the fact that the bow uses a great deal of kinetic energy, which is derived from the squeezing of the limbs when you pull the strings. The stiffness of the bow limbs contributes greatly to the draw weight of the bow, which in turn results in a fast and powerful shot of the arrow.

With the vast complexities and mode of operation of the compound bow already outlined, here is an in-depth review of some of the compound bows we have on offer here at Combat Australia.

A run-through of our compound bows:


The Extreme Bonza Camo Deluxe Kit comes in a slick camouflage design and its as efficient as it is beautifully crafted. It comes fully loaded with an LED light, a wrist strap and a wrist guard along with a host of other special features. It has an adjustable draw length of 27-30” and a weight of 45lbs-60lbs.


The pack comes with bows, arrows and archery supplies. The compound bow, which comes along with it, has a weight bar of 70lb that can be adjusted to 50lb. The draw length is from 27-30”.


The deluxe kit includes a range of upgrades for your compound bow such as a peep sight, wrist strap, full brush arrow test and a couple of other upgrades. The bow, which comes along with the kit, has a draw weight of 70lb and it boasts of an adjustable draw length from 27-30”. It has an immense speed of 305 feet per second (335kmh) that makes it a beastly device.


The bow comes in a camo colour and boasts of a draw weight of 35-70lbs; it also has a draw length of 25-31”. It’s an extremely durable kit that is highly recommended for any archer.